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Tweeting via analog disc telephone :: News

Tweeting via analog disc telephone

Sometimes it qualifies as fantastic when things which are almost out of use can be utilized with modern technologies. Let me explain what do I mean.

Imagine that you are traveling or just got somewhere where there are no computers, Internet or cell communication. I know it’s hard to believe that it’s possible but still. Everything you have is an old-style analog disc telephone. Did you know that it’s just enough for sending tweets on Tweeter? Tweetphone, a Twitter client for analog telephones made it possible. Now it’s time for admirable ‘fantastic’ exclamation!

Twitter, a micro blogging platform is among the most widely used social networking sites. The number of clients for Twitter is constantly growing. Tweetphone is the first analog client and that’s why it is so unique.

Tweephone is a result of cooperation of two Ukrainian agencies, UP Digital Bureau and Unteleported Tech Agency.

In order to dial a text one should use texting principle of modern button phones with letters under the numbers. For example, to dial ‘a’, dial 1 once; ‘k’ = 5 twice; ‘v’ = 8 three times. To send a tweet, simply hang up the phone.

There is no surprise that Tweephone messages are short. If someone thinks that 140 characters are not enough to express a finished thought, I suggest you to try Tweephone.

Aparently this concept was created just to show off and its practical value is probably close to 0. However the first Tweephone tweet was sent only a month ago, so let’s see how it goes.

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