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Social network major cleanup with MyPermissions :: News

Social network major cleanup with MyPermissions

There is no doubt that once in a while everything that we use requires major cleanup. Whether it is a carpet or laptop monitor. We tend to generate things which are used rarely so as a result we keep a lot of useless stuff.

This applies to use of social networks big time. How many times we grant access for applications and then forget about their existence next minute!? And those applications keep stacking and stacking bothering with messages up to the point of extreme annoyance. So if you reached that point or you just a person who likes to keep everything in order, MyPermissions social network cleaning service might be very handy. With its help you can review and delete useless applications on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Linked In, Dropbox, Flickr and Instagram just in two minutes.

MyPermissions is basically a web-page with links to the social networks and services. It was a clever idea to get those networks and services in one place. It will definitely save a lot of time in settings changes and searching through the web for corresponding services and valuable pieces of information. You just go to one place and deal with apps from there. Besides it’s possible to set up monthly e-mail reminder to visit the page and check permission settings.

Try to clean your social account and you will be surprised how many sites and applications have access to your accounts.

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