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Google search becomes social :: News

Google search becomes social

Google just launched a new search engine integrated service called "Search plus Your World", which allows to view search results with Google user profiles, shared photos and related Google+ posts from circles. The button that turns this option on is labeled “Show Personal Results” and marked with a person icon to the left of listings. Alternately, searchers can choose to view only their personal results on a separate page.

The idea behind this novelty is to show search results based on opinions and experiences of people you know, those who are in your circles, rather than those of strangers.

It should be mentioned that Google does not feature its rival Facebook posts or Flickr photos. It is obvious that content from Google+ and Picasa is highlighted instead. YouTube is on the way to be integrated in social search.
As the company notes, the world’s leading search engine (Google’s share of search market is about 65-70 %) is not just about to find relevant content but leans toward social aspect of the whole web experience, placing people and relationships as a priority.

Google accentuates that its personal results are not available for public. A user sees results connected to his/her search and contacts. For example, if your friend or spouse entered the same search term as you did, they would see results from their connections; the only results from you that they'd see would be the ones you had shared with them or the public ones.

Search plus Your World will become available over the next few days to people who are signed into Google and are searching on google.com in English.

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